Client: KLM
Product: Overseas airplane ticket

Media Agency: Carat Hungary
Goal of the campaign: KLM wanted to have a short but spectacular promotion for it’s overseas flights. So something extra was needed to the traditional leaflet distribution. something that is visual, special, easy to move and can use even where cars are not allowed.

Applied tool: Walking balloon
We decided to use a brand new equipment for this campaign: the walking balloon. This was the first apparence of this tool in Hungary. The walking balloon is a plastic balloon filled with helium, branded on the outside with an elastic fabric. The whole stuff is attached to the promoter so the full surface can be branded freely and it’s move with the promoter as a result. It can move to any given space, the only limitation is the height.
The hostess promotion took 3 days and based on the feedback, the balloons attract the sight of the passengers. They get in touch more frequently and take away more leaflets than they would during an ordinary promotion.

Client: Budapesti Festival Orchestra
Product: Midnight Music Concert
Media Agency:Vizeum Hungary
Goal of the campaign: Budapesti Festival Orchestra was looking for the right tool for it’s Midnight Music concert. A tool which is creative, spectacular and matching to the message of the Midnight Music Concert: a concert for those who live nightlife. Another point was to make it cool and recognisable even thought it is just one site.
Applied tool: Day & Night backlight

We used the day & night backlight which is a special printed backlight site. It makes possible to display a different message in daylight than at night, light from the back. It change the message so we planned a ‘fill in the gap’ game on the creative. It resulted a site that only the target group understood. Only those who live nightlife.
Client: UPC
Goal of the campaign:
We had to get something special beside the conventional cityligths and billboards to gain more attention and be uniqe and identified.
Solution: We attached 3D elements to the billboards to make them outstanding.
Applied tools: Billboard with 3D element

Results: The results of the campaign are absolut positive. At the Ipsos POSTer TEST we found out that the detection of the capmaigng increased 38%, the identification increased 15% compare to the previous campaign with same amount but without unique formats.
Client: Cofidis
Product: Credit
Media Agency: Carat Hungary
Goal of the campaign: We had to adapt the message „Cofidis = comfort” to outdoor.

Solution: With full branded bus shelters we created the illusion that the peopel sitting in a throne. It was no just eye-candy but also fit to the message that Cofidis make clients get used to premium conditions.
Applied tools: Full branded bus shelter

In Ipsos POSTer TEST we found out that the bus shelter was really remarkable and almost everybody associated it with Cofidis. It was 15% more likable than other outdoor advertisements in the bank sector, and 6% more told, that they would use this service.
Client: Nokia
Product: Nokia Lumia 800
Media agency: Carat Hungary
Goal of the Campaign: Initiation of product to the local market. “Find the little plus, the positive, the extra that will turn even the most mundane thing into something great and interesting.”
Important advantage of product: The mobile phone is put on the market using a new operating system, one that uses “tiles” in the menu – that is the options available are displayed in colorful squares or rectangles.
Goal: Using ordinary out-of-home media tools in out-of-ordinary ways, effective display in high traffic junctions and granting prominence from background advertisement noise at the same time.
Applied tools: ordinary citylight, phase-changing citylight, backlight, elevator graphics
Realization: Besides using ordinary citylight surfaces, other citylight equipment was reconfigured in order to make the message even more prominent. The special effect was reached using preprogrammed changes in the background illumination of citylight posters. Even though the campaign used a lower number of equipment, an outstanding result was reached due to the well targeted selection, since 52.7% of the whole population noticed it and 74% expressively liked the appearance. And as a consideration not to be neglected, 55.2% said that they would actually purchase the product.
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